Rice Transplanter in The Philippines: Ford Tractor

Gone are the days when rice can only be planted through backbreaking manual labor, with workers needed to bend over the muddy rice fields. With the advancement of technology, a company like Ford Tractor can now supply different variants of rice transplanter throughout the Philippines to help farmers maximize their yield while lessening the fatigue associated with labor. If you’re interested in this type of farm equipment in the Philippines, keep on reading to learn more.

What Is a Rice Transplanter

A rice transplanter in the Philippines is a special machine that is used to replant rice seedlings in the paddy field. The most important component is the transplanter device, where the seedling tray is found.

This allows a farmer to load a mat-type rice nursery that can be automatically picked up and transplanted on the soil by the equipment. This way, a row of seedlings can be planted in one pass. All a worker needs to do is to maneuver the machine properly throughout the field.

Benefits of Using a Rice Transplanter

Plenty of farmers have benefited by using a rice transplanter in the Philippines. Because rice is a staple food in the country, this equipment is useful on the vast rice paddies in regions such as Central Luzon, Cagayan Valley, Iloilo, Ilocos, and more. Here at Ford Tractor, we aim to reduce your labor, increase your productivity, enable timely planting, and allow uniform seedling spacing so you can maximize your yields every time.


Reduced Labor

The traditional way of rice farming is laborious and time-consuming. A farmer needs to bend down to transplant rice seedlings manually on the field. This leads to health problems such as back pain and fatigue. To ensure that the whole field is filled with seedlings, plenty of manpower is also needed.

One of the main benefits of using a rice transplanter in the Philippines is the reduced need for labor. This agricultural equipment will automatically plant rows of rice seeds, so all the farmer needs to do is operate the equipment by pushing it or riding it. It can be done with less manpower too because one person can do the job.


Timely Planting

Rice farmers need to plant as many seedlings as they need in a day to maximize the yield during the harvesting stage. But with manual transplanting processes, their efficiency could be affected. This is where a rice transplanter in the Philippines can help.

Instead of manually transplanting rice seedlings—which could take longer due to fatigue, this agricultural equipment can make rice farming fast and efficient. Depending on the model, a rice transplanter can put a row of seedlings in a second or less so it can increase the area a person can plant per day.


Uniform Spacing

When it comes to rice planting, spacing is a very important factor to consider. Compared to randomly transplanting the seedlings without consideration for the distance between crops, proper spacing can increase the yield significantly. This can be achieved by using a rice transplanter in the Philippines.

By using this agricultural equipment, farmers can plant a minimum of four evenly spaced seedlings with every pass. This can help maximize the space of the rice paddy and ensure a high yield at the harvesting stage.


Increased Productivity

With all these benefits combined, rice farms in the Philippines can increase their productivity dramatically. Through the introduction of a rice transplanter, you can lessen the labor and time needed for transplanting while increasing the number of seedlings that can be planted. Because this job requires less manpower, other farmers can focus on additional tasks.

Types of Rice Transplanter from Ford Tractor Philippines

Now that you know more about the benefits of using a rice transplanter in the Philippines, it’s time to know your options. Ford Tractor, the leading agricultural equipment supplier in the country, can provide you with high-performing equipment for your rice farming needs. There are two types of rice transplanters that we can offer.

Walk-Behind Rice Transplanter

A walk-behind transplanter is a type of farm machinery in the Philippines that is manually pushed by the user. The worker loads the rice seedling mats, then starts the engine before maneuvering the transplanter from one end and across the rice paddy. Because the rows of seedlings are evenly spaced, a worker can walk between the crops while operating this equipment. When the end is reached, the operator can simply pull up the transplanter slightly while turning so that no seedling is wasted.

tym rice transplanter walk behind
riding type rice transplanter

Riding Type Rice Transplanter

A riding-type rice transplanter in the Philippines works similarly to the walk-behind variant, but it is often faster and has increased capacity. Because of its speed, it needs to be maneuvered like a vehicle. This type can plant additional rows of rice seedlings, so it’s a perfect choice for larger rice paddies.

Increase Your Productivity with A Rice Transplanter in The Philippines from Ford Tractor!

A rice transplanter in the Philippines can help reduce labor, speed up the planting process, and significantly increase the yield of rice during the harvesting period. If you want to increase the productivity of your rice paddies, this agricultural equipment is a must-have.

If you’re interested in a walk-behind and riding type rice transplanter, you can send a message here to Ford Tractor Philippines.