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Common Implements Used for Land Preparation

Common Implements Used for Land Preparation

What are the common implements used for land preparation?

  1. Cultivator
  2. Plow
  3. Disc plow
  4. Harrow
  5. Rotavator
  6. Land leveler
  7. Bed former
  8. Furrower
  9. Subsoiler
  10. Interrow

Even with farming, you must never skip a step, especially with land preparation. Remember that the success of your harvest depends on how well you’ve prepared your land for planting. To ensure this, your farmers and workers need to not only know the ins and out of land preparation but should also be equipped with the right tools.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up some of the most common implements used for land preparations that we have here at Ford Tractor. Keep reading to learn more!


A cultivator is one of the most essential implements for land preparation. This implement is characterized by its curved shanks or teeth that penetrate the soil and break up the clods present.

This implement is used for both primary and secondary tillage. Here, the cultivator turns over the soil to prepare it for planting. It also removes any crop residue. This helps to aerate the soil, improves drainage, and creates a proper seabed for planting.

When it comes to weed control, the shanks and teeth can disturb the soil around the weeds to make it more difficult for them to grow.


Plowing is a vital soil preparation procedure. Here, horizontal clods are removed from the soil. In the past, farmers used donkeys, horses, and carabaos for this process. Today, there is a plow implement that you can simply attach to your tractor. This attachment is used for primary tillage to break the hardpan.

Disc Plow

Disc Plow

A disc plow features large-mounted discs. These are used to cut through the soil to turn it over. They can also break furrow slides. The default size of this disc is 60 cm in diameter.

This implement also works well to free the soil from stones when it is used for rocky and rooted land areas.


A harrow is a multi-purpose farming implement that comes in handy for secondary tillage — from leveling heavy soil to eliminating weeds to preparing the seedbeds for plants. There are also many types of harrows the agricultural sector can use, depending on the type of soil used by the farmer.

Here at Ford Tractor, we offer three kinds of harrow implements: power, trailing, and cassava.

Harrow – Power

This implement is characterized by its multiple set of blades that rotate on a vertical axis. This allows the soil to have a softer but granulated look while still having a leveled appearance. With the help of the power harrow, the soil can be turned, broken, refined, and distributed.

Harrow – Trailing

For heavy tilling, farmers can opt to use the trailing harrow. These implement features sharp and strong discs that can insert themselves into the soil and turn out stubble and shrubs.



In the agricultural sector, the rotavator is used to prepare the seed bed in just one or two passes. It can also be sued to remove old crops that will help improve the overall health of the soil.

When it comes to soil preparation, the rotavator can break up and aerate soil right before sowing seeds. This is thanks to the spinning blades that are responsible for breaking up the land.

Land Leveler

As the name indicates, the land level is used to even out the surface of the field in preparation for planting. It helps farmers smoothen out lands with rough terrain without putting in too much manual work.

These implements have blades that shift the soil from high to low positions.

Bed former

To create raised planting beds, farmers need to attach a bed former implement to their tractors. These allow the soil to properly drain water to properly circulate good air and nutrients in the soil.

This is typically used in fields with poor drainage or heavy clay soils which are vulnerable to waterlogging. By using this implement, they reduce the risk of rotten roots and other diseases that could harm the soil.


As its name suggests, these implements are used to create long narrow furrows in the soil. These are narrow trenches usually made in the ground to either plant seeds or irrigate water. They can be usually adjusted to the designed spacing and depth needed by the land.


The subsoiler is the best implement to use for breaking up compacted soil located right below its surface. It loosens the soil to improve its structure, allowing better root penetration and drainage.


Interrow implements are a common tool used by farmers to cultivate the soil between crops. These implements are specifically designed for use in row crops where the rows are spaced a certain distance apart. By using an interrow implement, farmers can not only cultivate the soil but also control weeds and create an optimal environment for their crops to grow.

Key Takeaway

All farmers make sure that their soil is ready for planting. You can make this process more efficient and productive with the help of the most common implements for land preparation.

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