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Tractor Implement Prices From Ford Tractor Philippines

Tractor Implement Prices From Ford Tractor Philippines

In the agricultural field, farmers are looking forward to harvesting their rice crops from their fields. Generally, harvesting is the method of collecting mature rice crops. It includes reaping, handling, threshing, cleaning, and stacking activities. It’s important to do good harvesting to be able to collect rice crops in good condition and to prevent damage or quality deterioration. Harvesting can be done with a tractor alone, but using tractor implements help a farmer to finish their tasks faster and easier, especially during their enormous tasks in the field.

If you’re wondering about the tractor implement prices from Ford Tractor Philippines, this blog will provide you with the details of how the tractor implement prices vary depending on their features. Keep on reading to learn more about our tractor implement prices!


What Are Farm Tractor Implements?

Tractor implements are crucial to the success of every farmer’s duties. These implements are attached to a tractor for several purposes. 

The time of farm production will be reduced if you have first-rate tractor implements. As mentioned, even though farm tractors are already efficient for your agricultural tasks, you still need to use the implements and attach them to your tractor. Aside from helping to complete your tasks in the field, it also increases your productivity. That’s why it’s also important to have high-quality tractor implements to provide you with better functions while also keeping them in shape through proper care and maintenance.

Moreover, investing in tractor implements is a good decision because they can be used in the long run. If you deem tractor implement prices as costly, you don’t need to worry because Ford Tractor Philippines offers affordable tractor implements depending on their features and advantages for your farming needs.


Farm Tractor Implement From Ford Tractor Philippines

Farm Tractor Implement From Ford Tractor Philippines

Ford Tractor Philippines provides the best farm tractor implements at an affordable price. If you’re interested, below are some of our first-rate tractor implements.


Harrow – Power

This tractor implement is used for small operations and lower horsepower requirements. It is designed with a vertical rotating blade to mix soil, break up clods, level and finish for final seedbed preparation. This is also applied for weed control, organic matters to the topsoil, and more. This Harrow is using less power for a given width of tillage while operating at a faster forward speed.


Plow – Disc

Our Plow – Disc has five individually mounted concave discs that are inclined to achieve maximum depth. It is used after grain harvest in which they leave stubble to help reduce wind erosion. It is also used for hard, dry soils, and bushy or shrubby fields.



Rotavator is modern farm machinery that is designed to break or churn the soil which in return increases the oxygen count of the soil for better cropping and harvesting. When using it as a tractor implement, it is formed by joining a set of blades that are connected to the motor that breaks through the soil when spinning.


Farm Tractor Implement Price In The Philippines 

Farm Tractor Implement Price In The Philippines 

When looking for a tractor implement price in the Philippines, it’s important to consider your expectations and the budget you have. Apparently, tractor implements are a good investment since you can also rent them where you can earn an extra income, as previously mentioned.

Generally, tractor implements differ in price. Here at Ford Tractor Philippines, our tractor implements start at P50,000 to P280,000.


Why Choose Ford Tractor Philippines For Tractor Implements?

As the leading supplier of farm equipment in the Philippines, Ford Tractor Philippines has served thousands of Filipino farmers with our high-quality tractor implements for better farming operations. Our tractor implements run with minimal interruptions because they’re made of the finest materials. We also offer excellent after-sales services for all our customers. And to make sure that your purchase is worth the investment, we only provide updated and high-quality tractor implements that you can use in the long run.

When it comes to our stocks of machine spare parts, you don’t have to worry about waiting for long because we have 95% stock of affordable spare parts.


Key Takeaway

High-quality and affordable tractor implements can offer you tons of benefits such as reducing labor costs, and giving you extra money to earn through tractor rentals, while also providing you better harvest performance and quality rice crops.

Now that you know everything about the tractor implement prices from Ford Tractor Philippines, don’t hesitate to contact us today for more details! Aside from our tractor implements, we also provide excellent combine harvesters, rice transplanters, and other agricultural equipment that could be of great help to your agricultural tasks.