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5 Ways to Keep Your Farm Equipment In Shape

5 Ways to Keep Your Farm Equipment In Shape

What are the ways to keep your farm equipment in shape?

  1. Remember to lubricate your farm equipment
  2. Check for signs of damage and wear
  3. Create a farm equipment cleaning schedule
  4. Keep your farming equipment clean
  5. Follow safety precaution measures in the manual 


A farmer that knows how to take good care of his farming tools and equipment becomes more successful. Why? The rationale is simple. Farming tools and equipment help accomplish farming tasks faster. By taking care of these, you get the best value for your investment.

There is agricultural machinery in the Philippines made for a single task, while others are used for a series of purposes across the farm. Therefore, you have to keep them in shape through maintenance and proper care so they can provide the right functions you need.

In this blog, we list the best tips to keep your farm equipment in shape. Continue reading below.


Remember To Lubricate Your Farm Equipment

Every movable part of farm equipment should be coated with lubricants to lessen friction and improve their machinery and parts’ longevity. 

There’s nothing worse than using ineffective farm equipment because they’re full of rust and friction due to negligence and improper maintenance. Therefore, you should use a good quality lubricant to thoroughly clear up the dirt found on the machine. 

Remember that using a lubricant helps to remove the buildups on your machine parts so that they can run smoothly when use.


Check For Signs Of Damage And Wear

Check For Signs Of Damage And Wear

As a farmer, you should know the condition of your equipment and be able to tell if something’s wrong immediately. 

Make sure to be wary of shock, vibration, overheating, noises, and friction on your equipment because these are all signs of damage or wear. Always keep an ear or eye out for these signs to get your equipment fixed before a major issue happens.

In addition, it is still possible for your farm equipment to be in good condition and shape but still have signs of wear. So, if you discover any subtle sign of damage and wear on any part of your equipment. Make sure to fix it as soon as possible.


Create A Farm Equipment Cleaning Schedule

Farming is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time to plant, harvest, and clean the field, which is why some farmers overlook the importance of keeping their farm equipment in shape. 

To avoid this, start creating a farm equipment cleaning schedule to maintain your equipment and keep a record of your previous cleaning activities or maintenance that have been done on different equipment.

Having a cleaning schedule helps maintain your farm equipment in excellent condition and it also makes you more responsible. Being a responsible farm equipment owner, will, in return, prevent you from spending money on repairs or replacement. 


Keep Your Farming Equipment Clean

Cleaning your farm equipment keeps them in shape. Maintain a proper cleaning routine such as removing buildups, vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning the filter of your farm equipment.

By cleaning your farm equipment, it’s also easier to spot signs of breakdowns, wears, and tears, such as grease buildups and oil leaks. 


Follow Safety Precaution Measures In The Manual 

Follow Safety Precaution Measures In The Manual 

Adhere to the safety precaution measures when using your farm equipment. Always use the machine according to the manual to keep it in shape. 


Why Is It Necessary To Keep Your Farm Equipment In Shape?

You are extending the life of your farm equipment when you keep them in excellent condition through cleaning. That’s why it’s pivotal to regularly watch out for their parts and ensure that each of them is working effectively. It’ll pay you well in the long run aside from making your job easier and faster. You’ll also be refrained from replacing or buying new farm equipment by cleaning. 


Key Takeaway

It’s a crucial investment to have farm equipment. So, it’s best to know the ways to keep your farm equipment in shape to ensure that it stays in service for as long as possible through proper care. Keep your farming equipment in good shape!

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