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Importance Of Land Cultivation In Farming

Importance Of Land Cultivation In Farming

What is the importance of land cultivation in farming?

  1. Breaks down compacted soil 
  2. Improves moisture penetration
  3. Controls the weeds
  4. Acts as pest control
  5. Improves soil ameliorants


Every farmer works hard for abundant crop harvest. Unfortunately, the unpredictable waves of climate make it hard for them to harvest healthy crops all the time. But the good thing is, there’s a solution that can help crops to thrive during untimely weather. It is called land cultivation. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of cultivation in farming. With the help of high-quality and affordable farming equipment in the Philippines from Ford Tractor, land cultivation will be easier! Continue reading on to learn more. 


What Is Land Cultivation?

Land cultivation, also called soil refinement, is the process of digging up soil for planting preparation. This process uses several farming equipment to widen the soil bed that will be tilled. You may use a shovel, soil fork, or tractor for a hassle-free and faster land cultivation process.

Farmers cultivate their land to ensure that their soil is an ideal one for their crops to grow by the time of harvesting period. By cultivating, the microorganisms below the soil bed will be mixed evenly resulting in beneficial effects on the soil such as turning it fertile. In addition, having fertile soil is enough to make your plants grow healthy.


Importance Of Land Cultivation In Farming

Land cultivation is a key to the successful harvesting of crops. Read more below to know the other importance of this process.


Breaks Down Compacted Soil 

One of the reasons why farmers aren’t able to harvest healthy crops is because of compacted soil structure. It stops the seeds from growing because the compacted soil does not allow the sprout to penetrate the soil. That’s why cultivating is done by breaking the soil structure to lessen the soil strength, allowing the seeds to grow.


Improves Moisture Penetration

Improves Moisture Penetration

For crops to grow on the farm, humidity is one of the important factors. It is one of the factors of photosynthesis which is the mechanism of crops or plants to use water and sunlight to produce the food of the plant itself: glucose and oxygen. Land cultivation improves the moisture penetration of the soil.


Controls The Weeds

Studies show that land cultivation is one of the effective ways of eliminating weeds that are known to destroy crops which increases production costs. Typically, the weeds germinate on the top layer which turns the soil unsuitable for the development or growth of crops. 

Fortunately, cultivation helps to control the weeds by mixing the soil, destroying the weeds through plant burial, and turning them into fertilizer.


Acts As Pest Control

Pests are one of the major problems for many farmers because they destroy crops. Some of these pests can resist the poisonous substances or pesticides that the agriculture sectors require farmers to use. 

The good news is, cultivating the soil can destroy both their habitat and ecosystem, which results in them dying without the need of using pest control products that might affect the crops.


Improves Soil Ameliorants

Cultivating your soil not only makes the soil fertile, but it also makes the soil ameliorants have a greater effect on it. 

Soil ameliorants are organic and inorganic chemical soil applied to improve the quality of soil and enhance the growth, health, and revegetation of your crops. This is widely used for farming. 

Cultivating your soil helps to improve the soil ameliorants that the plants need for growth.


Cultivate Your Soil Using Farming Equipment From Ford Tractor Philippines

Cultivate Your Soil Using Farming Equipment From Ford Tractor Philippines

It is essential to use the right farming equipment to avoid over-cultivating your soil, which could damage your soil and crops. There are times when you don’t have to cultivate in a year, especially if the weather isn’t good to avoid causing erosion and disturbing the balance of the soil. 

When it’s time to cultivate, ensure the safety of your soil for plant growth by using high-quality and affordable tractors and other agricultural machinery from Ford Tractor Philippines. Our wide range of farm equipment can boost the health of your soil and crops and prevent pests from attacking them. 


Key Takeaway

In this blog, we’ve discussed the importance of cultivation in farming. Indeed, cultivation has been an integral part of the agricultural community across the country. It offers many benefits to the field and plants. So, make sure that cultivation is done right using advanced and affordable farming equipment from Ford Tractor to make your soil fertile! 

Are you interested to know more about our farming equipment and other services? Don’t hesitate to leave Ford Tractor a message here and state your inquiries. One of our Ford Tractor’s friendly staff will talk to you soon. You can also read our other blogs here to know more about the other products we offer.

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6 High-Quality Farm Equipment From These Best Farm Brands

6 High-Quality Farm Equipment From These Best Farm Brands

What are the high-quality farm equipment from the best brands in the Philippines?

  1. YTO Agricultural Tractor
  2. Farmtrac Tractor
  3. FMWorld Multi-Crop Harvester
  4. Jumil Corn Harvester
  5. TYM Direct Seeder
  6. Tifone Cannon Sprayer


Farmers rely on advanced farming equipment for accomplishing multiple agricultural activities faster. However, it can be challenging to choose high-quality and long-lasting farming equipment, especially for new farmers who may be wondering what are the best farm brands in the Philippines for their farming duties.

But with the help of modern technology, there are tons of improved and high-quality inventions of farm equipment at an affordable price which in return is a great investment for many farmers.

In this blog, we’ll discuss different high-quality farm equipment from these best farm brands in the Philippines here at Ford Tractor. Continue reading to learn more.


YTO Agricultural Tractor

YTO Agricultural TractorYTO Agricultural Tractors has fast horsepower wheels and a horsepower crawler. Equipped with a double-function clutch, it operates independently and efficiently. In addition, this tractor offers efficient harvest machinery for corn, wheat, rice, etc. Thus, it also provides a complete function for seeding, harvesting, plowing, and field management. By using our YTO Agricultural Tractor, our farmers can have reliable farm equipment. Moreover, this tractor only requires low fuel consumption. There’s no doubt that this is a must-have farm equipment for farmers out there.


Farmtrac Tractor

Farmtrac TractorFarmtrac Tractor is an advanced and powerful tractor that every farmer needs. It is equipped with advanced technology for more outstanding and effective farm work. This tractor comes with improved and excellent horsepower and an engine capacity that can provide efficient mileage on the field. It is one of the most powerful tractors that we offer to our farmers because of its good mileage and its efficiency at work. 

Thus, every farmer will never go wrong with Farmtrac Tractor with its powerful capacity to provide high performance during farming operations with its super-powerful fuel efficiency, clutch, steering, wheel drive, and engine.


FMWorld Multi-Crop Harvester

FMWorld Multi-Crop HarvesterFMWorld Multi-Crop Harvester is suitable for different types of crops such as soybean, wheat, rice, and so on. It has an exceptional threshing structure to ensure cleaner grains upon harvesting. Farmers must have this harvester that is fueled with a high-efficient engine that offers low fuel oil consumption. This one offers faster and better agricultural capacity work for farmers. Therefore, if you want to upgrade your harvesting process at your farm, our FMWorld Multi-Crop Harvester can help you.


Jumil Corn Harvester

Jumil Corn HarvesterThe Jumil Corn Harvester has a low-cost agricultural machine that is suitable for small rounds of rural popularization to harvest corn straws. Thus, it has high and stable performance in both wet and mud fields every farmer is looking for a corn harvester to prevent delays in corn harvesting. With its excellence in the threshing process, it can pick the corn and chop the stalk at the same time. It also has a high-quality engine with an adjustable cutting header for better and faster corn harvesting. Therefore, it’s now possible for farmers in rural areas to use high-quality and improved corn harvesters with the help of Jumil Corn Harvester.


TYM Direct Seeder

TYM Direct SeederTYM Direct Seeder is the best when it comes to fertilizer placement and direct seeding. Farmers don’t have to rely on low-quality and inefficient seeders because our TYM Direct Seeder is equipped with a high-quality battery power supply for faster direct seeding work with real-time speed metering and adjustable seeds rate. Thus, it can also make drainage seeding and fertilizing at the same time to ensure that the seeds are always on the soil surface. In addition, it has everything you need for a seeder.


Tifone Cannon Sprayer

Tifone Cannon SprayerEquipped with a unique design, Tifone Cannon Sprayer offers a compact frame at its maximum functionality. At an affordable price yet with impressive features, it has a series of fan devices with a mechanical level and a circuit flushing system into the frame to support limiting the size without losing its capacity. In addition, it has high-spray performance, large spray power, and a double structure frame. With its bow and protective band on the ground for the tank, Tifone Cannon Sprayer can operate on a muddy, rough field. Moreover, it has a wide range of spray fans and blowers that farmers will find beneficial for their agricultural tasks.


Key Takeaway

Farming activities are a tough duty for many Filipino farmers. It can’t be completed within the day, especially if you have low-quality farm equipment. That’s why farmers deserve high-quality and affordable farm equipment in the Philippines that they can rely on to reduce labor costs, earn more money, and harvest healthy crops and plants in their fields. 

In this blog, we’ve shown you some of these best farm brands in the Philippines from Ford Tractor. These are reputable farm brands that provide excellent quality farming equipment for many years.

If you’re interested to know more about the best farm brands in the Philippines from Ford Tractor, contact us today for more details. One of our team experts will gladly provide you with the information you need about our farming equipment.

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Everything You Need To Know About TYM Riding Type Rice Transplanter

Everything You Need To Know About TYM Riding Type Rice Transplanter

What are the things you need to know about TYM Riding Type Rice Transplanter in the Philippines?

  1. What is a TYM Riding Type Rice Transplanter
  2. Benefits of using TYM Riding Type Rice Transplanter
  3. Features of TYM Riding Type Rice Transplanter


Thanks to developments in farm equipment manufacturing, farmers do not need to plant their rice through manual labor. 

Farming equipment in the Philippines has become the partner of many farmers, offering convenience from rice planting to the harvesting process. 

Here at Ford Tractor Philippines, we offer various models of rice transplanters in the Philippines to maximize our efforts in helping our Filipino farmers to lessen their stress in the fields.

The TYM Riding Type Rice Transplanter in the Philippines is farm machinery used to replant rice seedlings in the paddy field. Read on to learn more. 


What is a TYM Riding Type Rice Transplanter?

What is a TYM Riding Type Rice Transplanter?

A TYM Riding Type Rice Transplanter in the Philippines is similar to the walk-behind transplanter type, but it is faster and has a greater and increased capacity. 

With its speed, it needs to be driven like a vehicle throughout the field. It can also be run through an electric motor which can plant additional rows of rice seedlings. That’s why it’s the perfect pick for larger rice paddies. 

Farmers can take advantage of our TYM Riding Type Rice Transplanter with its special machine that can replant rice seedlings and allows a transplant of 6-8 rows of seedlings to be planted in one pass. 


Benefits of Using TYM Riding Type Rice Transplanter

Plenty of Filipino farmers have purchased and benefited by using our TYM Riding Type Rice Transplanter. This farming equipment is useful in the different regions of the Philippines that are producing rice such as Iloilo, Ilocos, Cagayan Valley, Central Luzon, and more. Here at Ford Tractor Philippines, our goal is to help our Filipino farmers by maximizing the benefits they can take advantage of when purchasing our TYM Riding Type Rice Transplanter.


Helps To Reduce Labor Costs

Using TYM Riding Type Rice Transplanter in the Philippines helps farmers to reduce their need for labor which in return allows them to save more money. This farm equipment can automatically plant rows of rice seedlings. Therefore, the farmers are only required to operate it by either pushing it or riding it. 

This type of transplanter requires less manpower because one person can do the agricultural job properly and productively.


On-Time Planting

Rice farmers have a quota to follow in planting seedlings in a day to maximize the yield before the harvesting stage takes place. If they’re doing manual transplanting, it could affect their goals and efficiency in planting rice in the fields. 

Luckily, this is where Ford Tractor Philippines’s TYM Riding Type Rice Transplanter comes in to help. It can put a row of seedlings in a second or less and increases the area a rice farmer can plant per day, unlike the manual transplanting process which takes a lot of time and effort before you can plant rice in the fields.


Consistent Spacing

Consistent Spacing

Many farmers know the importance of consistent spacing in rice planting. It can be thoroughly achieved by using a TYM Riding Type Rice Transplanter as it can plant a series of seedlings in an even and consistent way, which results in maximizing the space of the rice paddy to guarantee a high yield at the harvesting phase.


Helps To Increase Productivity

One of the many benefits of our TYM Riding Type Rice Transplanter is it can increase the farmers’ productivity while also lessening the labor and time needed for planting, without compromising the quality of rice crops once harvested. Given that this type of transplanter is working automatically, the farmers can also focus on other tasks.


Features of The TYM Riding Type Rice Transplanter

As the TYM Riding Type Rice Transplanter has made rice planting work easier for farmers, unlike the traditional methods, its features not only help to complete the planting within the allotted period but are also a good investment for farmers. 

All of its features are the reason why the TYM Riding Type Rice Transplanter in the Philippines is widely used today.

  • Adjustable planting to suit the space of fields
  • Simple to operate with high power and speed
  • It has a more durable and better fuel consumption diesel engine to guarantee you more stable operation even in a wet field
  • It has a large fuel capacity
  • It is equipped with precise turning control
  • It also has genuine spare parts


Key Takeaway

All farmers deserve farming equipment that can help them increase their productivity. With the help of TYM Riding Type Rice Transplanter in the Philippines from Ford Tractor Philippines, farmers can speed up their planting process while significantly increasing the yield of their rice during the harvesting stage.

This is essential agricultural equipment that will boost your productivity in the field. Are you interested in our TYM Riding Type Rice Transplanter? Don’t hesitate to send Ford Tractor a message today and our expert and friendly team will answer all your inquiries about our farming equipment.

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6 Tips For A Successful Crop Harvest

6 Tips For A Successful Crop Harvest

What are the tips for a successful crop harvest?

  1. Make a plan for equipment maintenance and safety preparation
  2. Make sure to slowly drive farm equipment
  3. Watch out for pests
  4. Look out for debris 
  5. Determine when your crops are good for harvesting
  6. Create a fertility plan for the next harvesting season


All farmers are waiting for that day to come when they can finally harvest the crops that they took care of for months. It’s a fulfilling experience to be able to harvest using your rice harvester, corn harvester, or any other harvester in the Philippines. Unfortunately, some farmers miss the details and even neglect safe practices during crop harvesting causing problems. In this blog are 6 tips for a successful crop harvest that every farmer must know. Taking enough time to prepare for harvest can help to ease your stress and urgency to avoid accidents, and injuries, and to make sure that you harvest your crops successfully. Continue reading to learn more! 


Make A Plan For Equipment Maintenance And Safety Preparation

Before you harvest your crops, make sure to plan out everything for equipment maintenance and ensure that your safety is also your priority during crop harvesting. 

Check your equipment and make sure they all have proper safety features such as rollover protective structures (ROPS) on tractors, working lights, and such to prevent accidents.

Unfortunately, tractor accidents are the main cause of death for farm workers so to help prevent this during your harvesting season, add a ROPS and use it with a seatbelt which is an effective way to prevent an accident.

It’s also important to prepare the grain bins and dryers before the day of your crop harvest. Gran handling is a dangerous activity therefore farmers should have a plan for grain bin safety. You can undergo training about safety measures to help you create an emergency plan in case an accident happens.


Make Sure To Slowly Drive Farm Equipment

Harvesting crops is not easy for farmers, especially since the farm equipment they’re using is heavy and needs to be handled well. Unfortunately, some farmers forget to safely pass slow-moving farm equipment from one field to the next. This is important if you’re driving on a big field or during peak commuting times and facing traffic.

These are the safety rules you should keep in mind:

  • Put a slow-moving vehicle sign on the back of your tractor implement.
  • Make sure that you can clearly see the implement you’re towing. Check and see if your flashing lights are visible around the implement.
  • Make sure you know the number of implements you can tow at one time.
  • Always clear your signals to avoid any driving accidents.


Watch Out For Pests

Watch Out For Pests

Pests are the number one enemy of farmers and there are instances when these pests have already harvested your crops before you have the time to harvest them yourself. 

It’s always important to watch out for pests that can go after your plants and prepare for preventive measures such as netting, fences, and using pest organic chemicals.


Look Out For Debris 

Here in the Philippines, typhoons are unpredictable and it’s also one of the problems of farmers when their crops are washed out by typhoons. 

If your field location is a flooded area or a landfall of typhoons, make sure to be more observant by looking for debris that you may have found in your field after rainfall or a typhoon occurs that can seriously damage your crops.


Determine When Your Crops Are Good For Harvesting

Determine When Your Crops Are Good For Harvesting

For some farmers, it’s hard to tell when their crops are good for harvesting. Fortunately, you can tell if your crops are good for picking by reading the seed packets to know the expected harvest date for each of the plants in your field. It will lessen waste and you can enjoy the freshest food all season long.

In addition, you can keep track of your crops by making notes on the calendar. It’s also ideal to know which vegetables can be harvested during the summer season and before the rainy season to avoid getting panicked when the harvesting season comes.


Create A Fertility Plan For The Next Harvesting Season

Once you know your plants’ needs before and during harvesting season, it’s easier for you to plan out everything for a successful crop harvest. Determine what types of fertility programs work best by testing them on your plants. 

Don’t miss the opportunity of using high-quality and advanced farming equipment to boost your crops and prevent them from getting attacked by pests and other events.


Key Takeaway

It’s beneficial for all farmers to know all the tips for a successful crop harvest, so they can harvest rice, corn, sugarcane, and other crops in the most optimal condition.

When harvesting your crops, remember to wear proper attire and protective equipment, and use advanced tractors and implements to help you harvest easily. Other than that, make sure to know all the safety measures to avoid any incidents.

If you’re interested in using high-quality and affordable farm machinery in the Philippines for your harvesting needs, send us a message here at Ford Tractor! We can help you choose the best tractor that aligns with your needs on your farm as we also offer tractor maintenance for our clients.

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How To Choose The Right Tractor Tires?

How To Choose The Right Tractor Tires?

How can you choose the right tractor tires?

  1. Determine the type of tires you need for replacement
  2. Consider your tractor and its uses for your farming needs
  3. Recognize the ground
  4. Consider your budget and maintenance 


Tractor tires play a huge role in your tractor’s performance, especially when you’re using your tractor to deliver goods or harvest crops. It helps to make your farming duties easier and more convenient. Selecting the right tractor tires should take into consideration the size needed, soil conditions that you may encounter, agricultural tasks to be done, and the price as well.

In this blog, we will show you how to choose the right tractor tires. When you see stubble damage or wear on your tractor tires, then it’s time to buy a new set of tires. Continue reading on! 


Determine The Type of Tires You Need For Replacement

Determine The Type of Tires You Need For Replacement

There are various selections of tractor tires on the market that’s why it’s important to determine the type of tires you need for replacement. Knowing what type of tires you are looking for helps you to focus on searching for the right tires. 

Keep these things in your mind when determining the type of tires you need:

  • Consider if you need rear or front tires for your tractors because it’s not always necessary to change all four tires at once.
  • Keep your machine’s proper gear ratio if you’re just replacing your front tires. to avoid expensive transmission repairs.
  • Don’t forget to recognize the maximum speed your tires can handle.
  • As the tires age, you have to be careful when operating your tractor, especially if you’re towing larger loads.
  • There are two tire constructions: bias-ply and radial. The former costs less and is the choice of many farmers for years. The radial tires are expensive but efficient and won’t harm the soil. When choosing between these two, remember that your tractor tires are the best shock absorbers on your machine.

The best starting point is to check the current tires that are still working on your tractor. If they are all still working fine, don’t order for replacement, but if there are rutting, row spacing trouble, and decreased traction, you can start exploring a new set of tires on the market to end your problem.


Consider Your Tractor And Its Uses For Your Farming Needs

Tractors have different features, designs, and sizes so you must know the type of your tractor when choosing tires. Thus, every tractor model has specific and suitable tires.

  • Check whether your tractor has two or four-wheel drive. Two-wheel tractors need front tires while 4WD tractors need matching front and rear tires.
  • Determine the use of your tractor. Is it for pulling loads, mowing grass, or carrying heavy materials on the farm? 

By considering your tractor and its uses, you will not have a hard time searching for the right tires.


Recognize The Ground

As a farmer, it’s essential for tractor tires to have good contact with the ground. That’s why recognizing the ground on your farm is a factor. Let’s help you purchase the fittest tires for the ground with these tractor tire types.

  • R-1 tires also known as agriculture tires are common tractor tires. These are better for dry ground because of their great grip even in dirty, mud, and fields. They also work even in the most demanding environments.
  • R-1W tires provide a deeper shift for more traction.
  • R-3 tires or turf tires are often used for grass because of their non-aggressive features. They don’t sink into the ground and do not also damage your grass. They can also handle sand and loose gravel.
  • R-4 tires or road tires work best for extreme or tough hard ground applications such as industrial or construction work.


Consider Your Budget And Maintenance

Consider Your Budget And MaintenanceIt’s also important to check or reflect on how much budget you have to purchase a new set of tractor tires. Luckily, there are many tractor tire distributors on the market that provide different designs for each tractor model so you can easily find something that’s worth your budget. In addition, you should also know how to properly take care of the tires you’ll purchase. You must know how to properly inflate the tires and know their load rating. Don’t hesitate to ask the distributor if you haven’t been familiar with tractor tire maintenance.


Key Takeaway

A tractor’s tires can extremely impact your tractor’s performance and your productivity as well. It’s hard to have damaged and weary tires, but knowing how to choose the right tractor tires prevents you from purchasing and installing the wrong tire model which will only send your money and effort down the drain. Fortunately, this blog helps you with everything you need to know about choosing a tractor tire.

Here at Ford Tractor Philippines, we have high-quality farming equipment such as rice transplanters, harvest, and tractors. Contact Ford Tractor Philippines today and let our friendly team assist you with your farm equipment needs. We also have expert technicians who can assist you in our service centers nationwide!

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Tractor Implement Prices From Ford Tractor Philippines

Tractor Implement Prices From Ford Tractor Philippines

In the agricultural field, farmers are looking forward to harvesting their rice crops from their fields. Generally, harvesting is the method of collecting mature rice crops. It includes reaping, handling, threshing, cleaning, and stacking activities. It’s important to do good harvesting to be able to collect rice crops in good condition and to prevent damage or quality deterioration. Harvesting can be done with a tractor alone, but using tractor implements help a farmer to finish their tasks faster and easier, especially during their enormous tasks in the field.

If you’re wondering about the tractor implement prices from Ford Tractor Philippines, this blog will provide you with the details of how the tractor implement prices vary depending on their features. Keep on reading to learn more about our tractor implement prices!


What Are Farm Tractor Implements?

Tractor implements are crucial to the success of every farmer’s duties. These implements are attached to a tractor for several purposes. 

The time of farm production will be reduced if you have first-rate tractor implements. As mentioned, even though farm tractors are already efficient for your agricultural tasks, you still need to use the implements and attach them to your tractor. Aside from helping to complete your tasks in the field, it also increases your productivity. That’s why it’s also important to have high-quality tractor implements to provide you with better functions while also keeping them in shape through proper care and maintenance.

Moreover, investing in tractor implements is a good decision because they can be used in the long run. If you deem tractor implement prices as costly, you don’t need to worry because Ford Tractor Philippines offers affordable tractor implements depending on their features and advantages for your farming needs.


Farm Tractor Implement From Ford Tractor Philippines

Farm Tractor Implement From Ford Tractor Philippines

Ford Tractor Philippines provides the best farm tractor implements at an affordable price. If you’re interested, below are some of our first-rate tractor implements.


Harrow – Power

This tractor implement is used for small operations and lower horsepower requirements. It is designed with a vertical rotating blade to mix soil, break up clods, level and finish for final seedbed preparation. This is also applied for weed control, organic matters to the topsoil, and more. This Harrow is using less power for a given width of tillage while operating at a faster forward speed.


Plow – Disc

Our Plow – Disc has five individually mounted concave discs that are inclined to achieve maximum depth. It is used after grain harvest in which they leave stubble to help reduce wind erosion. It is also used for hard, dry soils, and bushy or shrubby fields.



Rotavator is modern farm machinery that is designed to break or churn the soil which in return increases the oxygen count of the soil for better cropping and harvesting. When using it as a tractor implement, it is formed by joining a set of blades that are connected to the motor that breaks through the soil when spinning.


Farm Tractor Implement Price In The Philippines 

Farm Tractor Implement Price In The Philippines 

When looking for a tractor implement price in the Philippines, it’s important to consider your expectations and the budget you have. Apparently, tractor implements are a good investment since you can also rent them where you can earn an extra income, as previously mentioned.

Generally, tractor implements differ in price. Here at Ford Tractor Philippines, our tractor implements start at P50,000 to P280,000.


Why Choose Ford Tractor Philippines For Tractor Implements?

As the leading supplier of farm equipment in the Philippines, Ford Tractor Philippines has served thousands of Filipino farmers with our high-quality tractor implements for better farming operations. Our tractor implements run with minimal interruptions because they’re made of the finest materials. We also offer excellent after-sales services for all our customers. And to make sure that your purchase is worth the investment, we only provide updated and high-quality tractor implements that you can use in the long run.

When it comes to our stocks of machine spare parts, you don’t have to worry about waiting for long because we have 95% stock of affordable spare parts.


Key Takeaway

High-quality and affordable tractor implements can offer you tons of benefits such as reducing labor costs, and giving you extra money to earn through tractor rentals, while also providing you better harvest performance and quality rice crops.

Now that you know everything about the tractor implement prices from Ford Tractor Philippines, don’t hesitate to contact us today for more details! Aside from our tractor implements, we also provide excellent combine harvesters, rice transplanters, and other agricultural equipment that could be of great help to your agricultural tasks.

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Tractors For Sale From Ford Tractor Philippines

Tractors For Sale From Ford Tractor Philippines

What are the tractors for sale from Ford Tractor Philippines?

  1. YTO
  4. FORD


Tractors are helping numerous farmers today to multitask, making completing their farming duties much easier. Many are relying on this versatile farm equipment in the Philippines for tasks such as landscape maintenance, moving or spreading fertilizers, clearing the bushes, plowing, planting, or tilling the fields, and more. 

Purchasing a tractor for sale is an investment for Filipino farmers. This is why it’s important to buy only first-rate tractors that can stand the test of time. In this blog, we discuss the top tractors for sale from the leading tractor supplier in the Philippines — Ford Tractor — and how convenient our tractors are for your farming, gardening, or excavating activities.


What Is A Tractor?

In general, a farm tractor is an agricultural vehicle that provides assistance, power, and traction to automate various agricultural tasks. 

Using a tractor makes farmers more productive without the need of spending too much time on the field since it’s a machine that lets them finish their farm duties at an accelerated speed.


Why Buy A Tractor From Ford Tractor Philippines?

Why Buy A Tractor From Ford Tractor Philippines?

Ford Tractor Philippines is dedicated to serving every industrious Filipino farmer with tractors that help maximize productivity from farm mechanization. By supplying them with our first-rate and excellent tractors, they can experience little to no interruptions in their farming tasks, which is a continuous good service that they can take advantage of. 


Tractors For Sale Price 

Ford Tractor Philippines offers affordable and high-quality tractors ranging from P750,000 to P2,300,000 to help and give back to our farmers who have always been passionate about contributing to our country’s agriculture, environment, and economy.


Tractors For Sale From Ford Tractor Philippines

Tractors For Sale From Ford Tractor Philippines

At Ford Tractor, we carry different agricultural tractor brands such as the YTO, FarmTrac, ArmaTrac, and Ford. Each one has offered superior-quality tractors for thousands of farmers across the world. Here are the tractors for sale from Ford Tractor: 

  • YTO X454
  • YTO X504
  • YTO X554
  • YTO X904
  • YTO LX954
  • YTO LX1004
  • YTO X1204
  • FarmTrac Tractors 
  • FarmTrac 6030
  • FarmTrac 6040
  • FARMTRAC 6045
  • FARMTRAC 6050
  • FARMTRAC 6060
  • FARMTRAC 6080
  • FARMTRAC 6090
  • FARMTRAC 710
  • ArmaTrac 904
  • ArmaTrac 1004
  • ArmaTrac 1054
  • Ford 6610
  • Ford 7610
  • Ford 8210 


What Can You Expect From Tractors For Sale in the Philippines From Ford?

As the leading tractor supplier in the Philippines, Ford Tractor Philippines is the partner of Filipino farmers to help and support their quality of life in the Philippine agricultural field. Here are the factors that set our tractors for sale apart from others: 



Ford Tractor Philippines offers different tractor models that farmers can choose from. They are all designed to offer versatility in terms of agricultural performance to lessen the manual tasks of farmers. We take pride and honor in our first-rate tractors because they all can do and offer more to all farmers.


Flexible During Operation and Transmission Tasks

All our modern tractors have the flexibility and power for easier and hassle-free operation and transmission tasks. Ford Tractor Philippines believe that these factors are pivotal for all farmers to help them reduce their stress, work, and the time they devote during their farming activities. Each of our tractor parts is made of high-quality materials to endure different agricultural activities, even the extreme ones.


Wide Range Of Models

As mentioned in this blog, we offer a wide range of models to help you purchase the right tractor based on your farming needs. Our models have a superior and exceptional performance which allows you to easily search for a tractor that meets your expectations and needs.

You can explore our farming tractors to help you find the perfect tractor. Don’t hesitate to send us a message if you have inquiries about our tractors! 


Easier Transport of Goods

As we’ve previously mentioned, using farm tractors help farmers to multitask. But other than farming activities, our tractor models are also excellent for transporting goods and many other activities. All our tractors are equipped with superior tires which makes our tractor models durable, powerful, and always on the go for transportation of goods. This is one of the crucial benefits of our tractors that all farmers should consider when buying one.


Key Takeaway

Indeed, Ford Tractor Philippines can offer excellent service to all Filipino farmers with our outstanding and excellent tractor models. In this blog, we’ve provided some of the best tractors for sale that you can consider for long-lasting productivity in your agricultural or farming activities.

If you’re looking for outstanding farming equipment in the Philippines such as tractors, rice transplanters, and harvesters, you can contact us here at Ford Tractor Philippines. Aside from our farm equipment, we also offer reliable after-sale services. Our technicians can assist you in our company-owned service centers nationwide! 

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6 Tips for Safe Maintenance Of The Tractor Battery

6 Tips for Safe Maintenance Of The Tractor Battery

What are the tips for the safe maintenance of a tractor battery?

  1. Wear protective gear
  2. Prevent battery explosion
  3. Be aware of acid burns
  4. Know the symptoms of battery acid contact
  5. Learn basic first aid
  6. Follow the proper maintenance


Tractors are important farm equipment in the Philippines used for plowing, cultivating, fertilizing, and harvesting crops, and hauling materials. With their versatile uses, tractors should be maintained to work optimally when needed. Tractors are made up of numerous components and batteries are one of the most important. Here is a complete guide for the safe maintenance of the tractor battery. Continue reading on. 


Wear Protective Gear

Most tractor batteries are lead-acid type, which contains a series of cells. The lead alloy plates are separated by plastic or glass fiber and also suspended in an electrolyte or sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid is highly corrosive and can burn your skin or permanently damage your eyes. While charging, it produces hydrogen gas, which can be explosive in high concentrations. 

Thus, the most important tip for those performing battery maintenance on a tractor is to wear protective gear. You will need to wear goggles and gloves while servicing the battery. 


Prevent Battery Explosion

To prevent the tractor battery from exploding, there are a few things you need to do. Before servicing the battery, you will need to disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal first. And after the service work, you need to connect the positive (+) battery terminal first.

Remember that a battery emits explosive and flammable gasses, so be very careful when handling them during service. Ensure that you keep cigarettes, open flames, and sparks far away. Lastly, don’t place metal pieces across the battery posts. 


Be Aware Of Acid Burns

A tractor battery contains sulfuric acid, which can burn your skin and damage your eyes. For this reason, you need to know how to prevent this accident from happening. 

When you’re servicing your tractor battery, make sure to do it in a well-ventilated area — especially if you’re filling electrolytes or charging the battery. Avoid inhaling fumes, and make sure that you’re wearing protective goggles and gloves. The most important thing to do is to avoid letting your skin touch the electrolyte. 


Know The Symptoms Of Battery Acid Contact

Know The Symptoms Of Battery Acid ContactIf your skin touches the battery acid, you should immediately seek medical assistance. Battery acid will typically cause damage to the area where the acid has made contact. The severity of the damage will depend on how long the acid is in contact with your skin. Be aware of the following symptoms:

  • Pain
  • Tingling
  • Numbness
  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Burning
  • Irritation
  • Blisters
  • Blackened skin

Once the battery acid makes contact with your lips or eyes or is inhaled or ingested, other symptoms can also occur:

  • Impaired vision
  • Loss of vision
  • Coughing and shortness of breath
  • Dizziness or fainting
  • Headache
  • Muscle spasms
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Low blood pressure
  • Cardiac arrest

Learn Basic First Aid

When you come in contact with sulfuric acid from a tractor battery, the first thing you need to do is to make a solution of warm soapy water. Wash the affected area with this solution to completely remove the acid. Remember that battery acid needs to be flushed from the skin immediately, even if it doesn’t cause damage. 

If the eyes come in contact with the acid, flush them with running water for 15 to 30 minutes. For swallowed acid, it’s recommended to drink plenty of milk to neutralize the acid. 


Follow The Proper Maintenance

Follow The Proper Maintenance

To perform proper battery maintenance, it’s important to read the manual of the tractor. Ensure that you read the instructions to know how to care for them. This also ensures that you know the safety protocols to follow when handling tractor batteries.

If your tractor has been idle for a long period, the battery can be discharged. If the battery juice is low, it’s beneficial to use a high-powered charger. Take time to examine connections for corrosion, fractures, or grease residue. Perform a cleaning if needed. 

Key Takeaway

It’s important to learn about the safe maintenance of the tractor battery, so you can protect yourself while ensuring that this component is in the best condition! 

When handling tractor batteries, remember to wear personal protective equipment, and make sure to keep electrolytes away from your eyes, hands, skin, and clothes. If you get into contact with the acid, perform first aid and get medical attention immediately. Other than that, make sure to keep sparks and flames away from the battery, because the gasses produced can be flammable. 

If you’re interested in a tractor, or tractor maintenance, you can send us a message here at Ford Tractor! We can help you choose the right tractor that matches your needs on your farm. 

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How To Clean Combine Harvester?

How To Clean Combine Harvester?

How do you clean a combine harvester?

  1. Read your manufacturer’s manual
  2. Prepare the things you will need
  3. Perform a quick cleaning prior to leaving the field
  4. Perform a full combine clean-out during end season


Combine harvesters in the Philippines are a must-have, especially for farms with hectares of land and numerous crops to collect during the harvest season. With this agricultural machinery, you can combine multiple harvesting processes into one piece of equipment — allowing you to harvest large amounts of crops quickly. But all types of equipment need maintenance, and for this reason, you need to know how to clean a combine harvester. 

Cleaning a combine harvester after harvest allows you to remove debris and material in the machine and also minimizes the chances of having animals nest in the equipment. Cleaning can help improve the efficiency of the parts and ensure a longer lifespan for the combine harvester. To do this, below are the basic steps that you need to follow. 


Read Your Manufacturer’s Manual

Read Your Manufacturer’s ManualThe first thing that you should do is check the manual that came with your combine harvester. It will provide a guide on how you can maintain your agricultural machinery properly — including how to clean it. 

This is important because not all combine harvesters are exactly the same, and there might be some useful recommendations that you should do to maintain your harvester’s condition for a long time. By reading the manual, you can rest assured that you’re doing the proper cleaning method. 


Prepare The Things You Will Need

To perform cleaning, you will need the following things:

  • Shop vacuum 
  • Air compressor
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection 
  • Hand protection
  • Dust mask

Make sure that you wear proper protective gear, as there might be a lot of dust and debris during the cleaning process. 


Perform A Quick Cleaning Prior To Leaving The Field

Perform A Quick Cleaning Prior To Leaving The FieldTo start cleaning, make sure that there are no other people with you, and they should be at least 50 feet from the combine harvester. You will need to run the unloading auger empty. Do this for at least one minute. After that, you can remove the header from the combine, but this is an optional step. 

Then, you need to open the clean grain and tailing elevator doors, unloading auger sump, and rock trap. After that, you can start the combine and separator. Turn the cleaning shoe fan to full speed. Electronically open and close the cleaning shoe sieves. Next, adjust the rotor to full speed. Open and close the concaves alternately. 

Do all this for a minimum of two minutes. To dislodge the material, it’s recommended to drive over rough terrain. After this, you can clean the materials left in the rock trap. With an air compressor, blow materials from the harvester’s exterior. Remember to close everything up. This cleaning method should only take 20 to 30 minutes.


Perform A Full Combine Clean-Out During End Season

During the end of each season, you will need to perform a full cleaning to maintain the machine. After performing the combine harvester self-cleaning process, you can proceed with the following:

Using your shop vacuum, clean the grain tank thoroughly, making sure to include all the nooks and crannies, such as the ledges, steps, etc. Remove debris around and inside the bubble-up intake auger, the floor of the cross augers and grain tank sump. After that, you can clean the unloading auger too. 

Next, use compressed air to blow debris on the interior. Make sure to remove the head and lower the feeder house if needed. After that, raise it and lock it in place. You can open the rock trap door and loosen and dislodge plant material. Use the compressed air and vacuum to clean. 

After that, you can proceed to clean the rotor/cylinder and threshing area. Remove the access panels and concaves to do this. You can use compressed air before a vacuum to thoroughly perform cleaning. Reattach the concaves and vacuum any residue from the rotor/cylinder area, clean grain augers, or shaker pan. Remember to clean the chopper too. 

To finish up cleaning, you can force compressed air through the sieves and vacuum debris in the lower cross augers. Replace the covers afterward. Shake the conveyor chains to dislodge debris, and empty the moisture sensor before reassembling. Don’t forget to clean header attachments too.


Key Takeaway

These are some basic guidelines on how to clean a combine harvester. It’s important to check your combine harvester’s manual, so you can follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding cleaning. Cleaning is important, as this helps ensure that your combine harvester is kept in the best shape, ready for the next harvest!

If you’re interested in agricultural machinery, including harvesters, tractors, and planting machines, you can check out top farm equipment in the Philippines at Ford Tractor! We can help you find the right match for your farm, so you can improve farm operations. 

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Common Equipment Issues and Solutions

Common Equipment Issues and Solutions

What are the common equipment issues and solutions?

  1. Dull Blades
  2. Fuel System Issues
  3. Electrical System Issues
  4. Engine Trouble

Every farmer’s worst nightmare is waking up and getting ready for work only to discover that their farm equipment is broken. Any performance issue can make it difficult or impossible for you to work effectively. Your tractor is an important farm equipment, giving you the adaptability and force you need to perform agricultural and landscaping duties. As a result, you must keep your farm equipment in working order, which requires regular maintenance.

The first thing to learn is about common equipment issues and solutions to become familiar with how these problems can impact your vehicle and work. After that, you’ll understand how to address farm equipment issues quickly to avoid spending money and time on repairs. 

Read on to learn more about common equipment problems and solutions. 

Dull Blades

 Dull Blades

Sharp blades are required to cut effortlessly and accomplish a task when working on your farm, turning the soil, or cutting the grass on your farm. Unfortunately, it loses its ability to keep up with the task when it becomes dull. You can sharpen it to get it back to its peak performance. Basically, you only need to do this twice a year.

If you have a small tractor model with a single-blade mowing deck, you can easily remove the blade. Then, get a file to sharpen it. If you’re using a larger model, you may need the help of a mechanic to remove and sharpen it. To avoid any risk, it is preferable to visit a tractor repair shop for assistance in removing the blade. 

Remember that the strength of the spin, not the sharpness of the blade, determines the cutting power. However, there’s an advantage to using a sharper blade.


Fuel System Issues

When you notice your vehicle’s slow performance, your fuel system is usually the main cause. When your fuel system malfunctions, it usually results in low fuel pressure, which reduces the force and efficiency of your vehicle’s performance. It has an impact and degrades the overall performance of your tractor.

Also, when your fuel control level becomes jammed, it makes it difficult for fuel to reach the engine, so you should check the fuel control level to confirm why your tractor does not work. Some solutions require only the application of lubricant to restore normal operation. If the problem is serious, you’ll need the assistance of a professional.


Electrical System Issues

One thing to keep in mind about your tractor battery is that if your vehicle sits idle for a week or two, it can usually result in a dead battery that only requires recharging or replacement. When you notice an issue, don’t forget to check your battery with a battery tester. It’s also important to check the cables and posts, as they can collect material deposits or wear over time, affecting the tractor’s performance. 

To avoid problems, clean and inspect them regularly. However, if your battery is still having problems after cleaning and charging your tractor, you should take it to a tractor repair shop.

Engine Trouble

Have you noticed your slow, difficult-to-start engine? Hard starts, low fuel consumption, and poor performance are all symptoms of flawed spark plugs, which are affecting your engine. Tractor spark plugs can be sensitive and can cause damage to your tractor. You can solve this problem by reading your owner’s manual, which will tell you how to replace them to avoid maintenance. 

Second, a problem with the carburetor may also be the reason. It affects the performance of your tractor if it becomes clogged. The carburetor helps in the mixing of air and fuel for the engine, so if you solve this problem early, your tractor will be fine. If it took you longer, you should call a tractor repair service immediately.


Repair Your Farm Equipment Here at Ford Tractor Philippines

Repair Your Farm Equipment Here at Ford Tractor Philippines

Is your farm equipment in good working order so that your operations are not disrupted? 

Our FTPI requires our suppliers to conduct annual training for our mechanics in order for us to repair your farm equipment as quickly as possible. This keeps our mechanics up to date on the most effective ways to maintain our farm equipment. Some customers are even invited to these trainings, while others are personally visited by our suppliers to check product quality and discuss proper operation and maintenance. 

We can assure you that FTPI has the industry’s shortest repair time. Customers will tell you that we always find the best way to fix their farm equipment!


Key Takeaway

Dealing with farm equipment problems can be exhausting, especially if you need to complete your farm duties on time. In this case, you have no choice but to become familiar with common equipment issues and solutions to pinpoint the exact cause of your equipment’s poor performance.

If you want to avoid these problems, you must inspect them regularly.

Read our blogs to resolve your farm equipment issues and enhance their use on your farm with our after-sales services! If you are looking to buy tractors or other farm equipment in the Philippines, please contact us at Ford Tractor. 

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Signs That You Need A New Tractor

Signs That You Need A New Tractor

What are the signs that you need a new tractor?

  1. Your farm is getting bigger
  2. Your existing tractor is worn out
  3. Maintenance has become difficult
  4. You don’t have access to good support
  5. There is new technology available

A tractor can help you perform farm tasks in the most efficient way. With the right attachments and implements, you can quickly prepare the land, plant the seeds, harvest the crops, and many more. Farm tractors are extremely robust, durable, and will last many years. But there are certain factors that might make you think that you need to upgrade or invest in new farm machinery. If you’re wondering when to get new equipment, here are some signs that you need a new tractor. Keep on reading. 

Your Farm Is Getting Bigger

Your Farm Is Getting BiggerNot all farm tractors are the same. They come in different capacities, so choosing one for the size and scope of your farm is important. But while your existing farm tractor is enough for your past needs, it might not be able to keep up with the work that’s needed for your growing farm. 

When the amount of crops being produced on your farm is increasing, you may need to replace your tractor with a higher capacity. This way, you won’t overwork your tractor, and you can complete all farm tasks in a timely manner. Planting crops at the right time is crucial because this can affect the yield. If you plant your crops with the wrong equipment at the wrong time, you have a good chance of getting fewer crops. 


Your Existing Tractor Is Worn Out

The general rule about a tractor is that it’s considered to be worn out when you have used it for 12,000 hours. At this point, it is already not economically feasible to continue to repair the equipment. 

One sign that your tractor is reaching the end of its lifespan is when you require an engine overhaul. Other than that, some repairs will indicate that it might be more beneficial to replace your tractor rather than keep working on it. These signs include engine knocking and software problems. If your tractor constantly has problems, it’s best to invest in new equipment that has greater quality, performance, and reliability. Keep in mind that you might have to replace your tractor sooner if you bought it used. 


Maintenance Is Difficult

Maintenance Is Difficult

It’s part of your responsibility to perform routine maintenance on your tractors. This way, you can keep them in top condition for a long time. But if you’re struggling even to perform the most basic maintenance procedures, then it might be a sign that you need to look for a new tractor. Consider tractors with accessible engine compartments, so you can perform daily maintenance conveniently and properly. 

Other than difficulty performing maintenance tasks, you might also have a hard time locating parts for your older tractor. In this case, it will affect your efforts in keeping your farm machinery at peak performance. You’ll want to look into tractors that have easily accessible parts. 


You Don’t Have Access To Good Support

Purchasing a tractor from a dealer or supplier is not enough. You also need to have strong after-sales support, so you can diagnose and resolve unexpected maintenance issues quickly and efficiently. If your current tractor doesn’t come with good support from your dealer or supplier, then you will have a hard time maintaining it. 

At Ford Tractor, you can expect to get high-quality tractors and great after-sales services. With 7 company-owned service centers and in-house mechanics across the country, you don’t have to wait long for a response to your service requests. Aside from that, repair times are short, so you can reduce your expected downtime. To keep your tractor in working condition, 95% of spare parts are always available in stock!


There Is New Technology Available

Over time, technology advances, and this also includes farm machinery such as tractors. Newer technology has made tractors more efficient at various tasks. While your existing tractor is still working properly, you might want to consider newer models which can handle farm tasks better. There may be specialized tractors that have better features and are more suited to your farm application.


Key Takeaway

If you want to improve productivity and efficiency on your farm, you should take note of these signs that you need a new tractor! If your tractor is worn out or nearing the end of its lifespan, it might be more beneficial to invest in a new one — especially if you’re always experiencing issues and need frequent repairs. But even if your tractor is working fine, your growing farm needs and the release of better tractors should be factored in your decision to purchase new equipment. 

If you’re looking for a new tractor, you can send us a message here at Ford Tractor! We can help you choose the right farm machinery that will match your current needs at your farm. Aside from that, we also have attachments and implements that can prove useful in your farming operations. Lastly, we are committed to providing great after-sales services, so you can make the most out of your tractor for a long time. 

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Combine Harvester Price in the Philippines

Combine Harvester Price in the Philippines

Harvesting is one of the most labor-intensive tasks for farmers. Not only does it involve a number of activities — from reaping to threshing — but it also puts stress on the farmers physically. The good news is that there is a way to make harvesting operations more efficient while reducing labor. This is to use a combine harvester, a powerful and useful agricultural machinery for any farm. Keep on reading to learn about the combine harvester price in the Philippines. 


What Are Combine Harvesters

A combine harvester is a type of farm machinery. Just like the name suggests, it combines various harvesting operations — such as reaping, threshing, and cleaning — into one process. If you’re considering improving your farm production, a combine harvester can be beneficial. 

First, a combine harvester can save time compared to the manual process of reaping, threshing, and cleaning — which can take several days to complete. This agricultural machinery can handle an acre of land in just one hour, which means that more can be done in little time. Combine harvesters also produce cleaner and higher-quality grain, so the crops can be sold for a better price. 

Lastly, combine harvesters solve the problem of labor, as finding sufficient and experienced farmworkers during harvest time is getting more difficult. Because the machine can take care of the work of multiple farmers, labor costs can be reduced. 

Farms that use a combine harvester are able to save time and cut down labor costs and stress for farmers. Overall, it can help increase farm output and make farm businesses more profitable. 


Harvesting Machines From Ford Tractor

Here at Ford Tractor, we are known for supplying top-quality farm tractors and implements in the Philippines. But aside from these, we can also help you find the perfect harvesting machine for your farm. 

If you’re interested, below are the models available:


FMWORLD Multi-crop Harvester 

The FMWORLD Multi-Crop Harvester is a self-propelled full-feed track harvester. It has an inline, water-cool, four-stroke, direct injection type engine. For the harvesting process, this agricultural machinery uses a reverse mechanism conveyor, axial flow with beat bars for threshing, and vibration sieve and centrifugal fan for cleaning.


Jumil Corn Combine Harvester 

The Jumil Corn Combine Harvester can produce 30 to 40 bags per hour. It features a hydraulic lift for better coupling to the tractor with height regulation during the harvest. The collector will only harvest the corn spikes to ensure that fewer impurities are taken into the system. The beater pin is adjustable and helps in decreasing grain losses or excess residues. 

Jumil Corn Combine Harvester 

Combine Harvester Price In The Philippines

One of the most important considerations when buying any farm machinery is the price. When looking for agricultural equipment, it’s important to consider value for money. It’s a good thing because combine harvesters are an investment, because of the numerous benefits they offer. 

Combine harvesters in the Philippines will come in a range of prices. While you need to set a realistic budget when buying farm machinery, you should also consider other factors, such as features, warranty, and availability of after-sales services and spare parts. 

Here at Ford Tractor, our combine harvesters start at 1 million pesos for the tractor-mounted corn combine and up to 1.6 million pesos for the more common combine or multi-crop harvester. The latter is self-propelled and has its own prime mover. 

Other than combine harvesters, we also offer rice harvesters, sugarcane harvesters and cassava harvesters. 


Why Choose Ford Tractor 

Ford Tractor is a well-known supplier of agricultural machinery in the Philippines. Aside from supplying you with high-quality combine harvesters that can help you make harvesting operations more efficient, we can also offer you after-sales services. 

We have 7 company-owned service centers in the country and plenty of in-house mechanics that are ready to respond to service requests. We have one of the fastest response and repair times in the country. We ensure that our mechanics are regularly updated with the most effective maintenance methods so you can use your machinery for a long time. 

Lastly, we also stock 95% of spare parts for our machines, so you rarely have to wait for parts when you need them! Our spare parts are available at affordable prices. 


Key Takeaway

A combine harvester can offer plenty of benefits to any farm since it can combine various harvesting operations and reduce the labor needed for the harvest season. Aside from that, it can also produce a higher and cleaner quality grain. 

Now that you know the combine harvester price in the Philippines, you can contact us here at Ford Tractor for more details! Aside from harvesters, we can also help you choose the best tractor, attachments, planting machines, and other agricultural machinery that could be of great help to your farm.